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Plants set a pleasant mood whether they are in the garden or placed in living rooms. Plants in general add beauty to our homes. But living plants need a lot of maintenance. When it comes to placing plants in our living room, the maintenance value is twice. When it comes to keeping plants inside our home, we need to consider a few factors such as:

  • Plants that do not need sunlight
  • Plants that need minimal water
  • Special flooring is required to avoid dirt/mud accumulation
  • Regular checks to be done for plants to avoid pest infection

Artificial plants overrule all the above said factors. These types of plants are a one-time investment with zero maintenance. Also, they give a great appealing look to your home with several arrangement ideas.

Benefits of having artificial plants in our living room

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to give your home an aesthetic look, then the plastic artificial plant should be your choice. These plants have great designs and finishing that make it difficult to differentiate between real and artificial plants.

benefits of indoor artificial plants in your Decoration

A Cost-effective way of interior designing

It will cost much for setting up an arrangement of real plants for your interior. A cheaper option to get along with the trend is green plastic artificial plants. Real plants need a lot of maintenance. They die and wither off if the plants are not taken care of. So they need to be replaced to fill up the place again. Also, an appropriate pot size has to be kept for the plants to reach their appropriate height. Real plants take months/years to grow from seedlings and attain their size. In contrast, multi-colored plastic plants are fully matured when it reaches your house.

Low maintenance

Real plants require regular watering, pruning, and fertilizers to grow. In addition to these, they also require an adequate amount of sunlight exposure.

Eye catchy appearance

Artificial plants are elegant and designed to look alike real plants without any maintenance. They come in vibrant colors and can be reshaped whenever needed. They are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use and are resistant to UV rays.

Say No to allergies

Colored plastic artificial plants help in improving your mood also it is said to improve your focus. Real plants in many cases cause allergies. For example, they may cause poisoning when consumed or touched. Or sometimes it may prick your finger in case the plant has thorns. Artificial plants are allergen-free.

Wide range of choices

You have too many options to choose from. For example, Tropical blooms need sunlight to grow. But if you want to place these plants indoors, then these plants will wither. But artificial plastic plants can be grown in any environment without any restrictions. External climatic conditions need not be taken into account when it comes to decorating your home with green plastic artificial plants.

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Types of Artificial plants available at Cosmo floors

Be it decorating your home with flowering plants or potted green plants, it will add a luxurious look to the home. However, these green plants need a lot of maintenance. But artificial plants are toil free and have a great variety.

Experts at Cosmo floors help you to decorate your house according to your desire. Here are a few ideas that will help you to decorate your home with multi-colored plastic plants.

A Cozy Plant corner

A windowless corner place of the house with less exposure to sunlight is a great spot for greenery. You can place a cozy sofa nearby the corner and yes, the place to de-stress is ready at a low cost with low maintenance. These artificial plants can also help to create jungle vibes inside your living room

Pair up with floral wall art

Beautify your living room by adding floral art or pattern with a shelf of potted plants or a blossomed plant with a plain wall. This can serve as a perfect festive décor interestingly.

Hanging Plants

Instead of placing the plants on the floor, hanging colored plastic artificial plants will give an unmatched elegant look to your home. Also, this way can avoid the unwanted crowd on the floor.

Mix with real plants

This is one best cost-effective ways to decorate your home and to take advantage of both. Choose real plants that require less to no sunlight. Mix with tropical artificial plants. In this way, the place will always look greener and also give a natural aroma to the living room.

We help you choose plants for your living room

Plants bring peace to the environment. So if you want to do so without watering the plants, avoid cleaning withered leaves and frequent pesticide/fertilizer sprays you can switch to artificial plants that come in large varieties with realistic foliage and flowers. Give a fantabulous new look to boring brick-walled interiors. We have an amazing team who will understand your interest and needs and install artificial plants accordingly.

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