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Welcome to Cosmo Floors

Experience the Elegance: Unleash the Charm of Laminate Wooden Flooring and Wooden Wall Cladding Panels with Us!"

Cosmo Floors is the largest supplier & distributor of laminated wooden floors, solid wooden flooring, Vinyl flooring, WPC wall cladding, wooden wall cladding, carpet flooring tiles, outdoor deck flooring, artificial vertical garden, artificial plants, artificial grass and artificial creepers in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. With more than a decade of experience in Wooden flooring, carpet flooring and wall Panels industry, we bring ideal solutions for our clients on wooden laminate flooring and wall cladding panels installation services.
The right wooden laminate flooring option can enhance the aesthetics and value of your home and office. Wooden flooring, especially laminate wooden flooring, is known for its elegance and authenticity while vinyl carpet flooring offers affordability and durability. Budget, maintenance requirements, and personal preferences are the things to consider when choosing the best laminate wooden flooring option for your home and office flooring needs. With our stylish WPC and wooden wall cladding panels options enhance the appearance of your residential and commercial space that suit your flooring style and preferences. Consult with our professional flooring team, we help you choose quality wooden flooring options from our largest collection and we assure quality installation and long-term satisfaction.

We are Professional

We are professional flooring designers specialized in creating unique flooring designs that enhance the aesthetics of any space. We translate client's vision and transform it into a stylish flooring designs.

We are Trusted

Cosmo Floors professional team offer technical consultation on design, supply and installation of all type of wall cladding panels, vinyl floorings and wooden floorings. Our Team provide the right wooden flooring to suit individual requirements.

We are Experienced

We are specialists in installation of wooden floors, wall cladding, artificial garden, grass and wooden deck floors with an experience of more than a decade

Our Best Flooring Options

More Services

Wall Cladding tiles

Dress Your Walls in Style with Our Exquisite Wall Cladding panels, wall cladding tiles and add personality to your space...
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Laminated Flooring

Our lamianted wooden floorings brings new lifestyle, durability & comfort. Laminated Wooden floorings Coimbatore
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Vinyl Flooring planks

Improve your flooring with our wide range of vinyl flooring planks options, available in various colors, designs
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Gym rubber Flooring

Our sports flooring and gym rubber flooring options will make an impact on your gym experience...
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Outdoor Deck flooring

Our durable and stylish deck flooring options are perfect for patio flooring & deck flooring ...
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Carpet Flooring Tiles

Revamp Your Floors with durable and eco-friendly carpet flooring tiles for a Fresh and Modern Look...
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Artificial Vertical Garden

Bring the beauty of nature inside your home with our stunning artificial vertical garden ...
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Artifiical Grass, Plants

Realistic artificial grass, artificial plants & creepers provide the perfect appeal, Ideal for outdoor, backyard relaxation...
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